Summary of our services

Telelingua manages all kinds of globalization and internationalization projects and offers, besides the translation of documents and content in all language combinations, a wide range of services linked to multilingual document management.

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Translation: conveying content from a source language into a target language.

Terminology management: creation and maintenance of glossaries and terminology databases.

Quality control: proofreading, correcting multilingual documents, editing and copywriting.

Localization: adaptation of a product or service into a particular language, and to suit a local culture. This service includes translation and also the adaptation of texts to cultural and administrative particularities (computer keyboards, fonts, color codes, expressions, etc.), as well as to regional systems of measurement (monetary systems, etc.)

Technical editing: advice on how to improve the editing of documents in the source language, in order to make the translation process run more smoothly.

Creation and management of translation memories: databases that allow previously made translations to be reused and that prevent the retranslation of a same phrase in a document; this is done to optimize quality, consistency, costs and the time required to complete the project.

Consulting on internationalization: giving advice while the documentation for a product is being drafted, bringing about an efficient and high-quality translation in all languages

Consulting on document and terminology management, from the time documents are conceived right up until their publication, including translation and integration into Content Management Systems (CMS), i.e. systems and software for the editing and creation of content). Telelingua’s technological and computing expertise allows us to create individually tailored gateways so as to optimize the management of files originating from these CMS, at the same time as maximising the use of translation memory software.

Development of automation tools for document management: creation of personalized IT applications, which respect the client’s technological environment and which make it possible to improve the productivity of the multilingual document management chain.

Multilingual DTP: transferring translated texts into the pre-defined layout in order to deliver translated files ready for print or publication.

Document authentication: certifying translations of legal documents before courts and foreign ministries (sworn translations).

Printing and distribution: printing and international delivery of translated documents.

Multilingual IT testing: visual and functional software testing, debugging, website testing, compiling online aids and the testing of e-learning files in order to ensure that the functions are operational after translation.

Multimedia: Translation and sound recording of multimedia content, subtitling, audio and video transcription.

Interpreting: we can provide the necessary audio and interpreting equipment for meetings, seminars and events. We can also offer support in note-taking and drafting summaries or minutes following these events.

Machine translation: some of our clients are faced with large volumes of technical content which must be translated within very short deadlines. In such cases, machine translation can offer an appropriate solution, provided that the process allows sufficient time for post-editing. Telelingua can offer tried and tested procedures which combine the use of translation memories and dictionaries with machine translation tools and post-editing undertaken by experts familiar with this type of exercise.

Our Approach

Our approach forms part of a sustainable partnership in terms of:

Quality: we guarantee impeccable quality and a perfect command of the subjects dealt with, both from a technical perspective and in relation to the accuracy levels as compared to the original text (quality control).

Responsiveness and adaptability: our teams support you with all your needs, regardless of the circumstances, whatever the requests may be.

Specialization: our teams of translators have proven experience in various domains (finance, legal, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, consumer, energy, environment, SAP, ...).

Respect for your instructions, charts, style guides, etc.: we gather together your instructions and reference material in kits that we supplement and adapt according to your various projects and products. These kits are also sent to everyone working on the project.

Stability and consistency of teams: we work hard to retain internal and external team members in order to guarantee the consistency of our work over time.

Confidentiality, responsibility and ethics: our client references, certifications and civil responsibilities all serve to guarantee our respect for the confidentiality of documents that you entrust to us.

Key factors behind our success

  • Dedicated teams: project managers, back-up PMs, translators and editors.
  • Implementation of individually tailored procedures in accordance with sector standards.
  • Ongoing program to recruit and evaluate specialist translators.
  • Efficient internal ERP system which provides access to the relevant information at any time, enabling a quick reaction.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Efficient file management (workflow + accessibility).
  • Meticulous process management.
  • Individually tailored style guides and terminology management (Quality Control).
  • Management of feedback and revisions (Quality assurance).
  • Permanent Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process (meetings, conference calls, etc.).
  • Secure IT infrastructure.

The translation is not an end in itself. As can be seen from the variety of services that we offer, we want to support you in a more globally oriented approach, across the entire document chain. With this in mind, we stand ready to draw up an action and monitoring plan with you in order to measure the performance and the productivity gains achieved.