Since 1985, Telelingua has offered translation and localization services in all language combinations and for all types of documents to more than 1,500 clients across the world. Regardless of the material to be edited and the country for which it is intended, our teams are capable of translating all of your documents and sending you versions which respect the original message and format. Each day, we receive hundreds of files of every kind that we prepare in order to allow our expert linguists to translate them in the best conditions possible and with the aid of tools that we place at their disposal. Effective translation project management results from experience within an organization, individual and collective responsibility, clearly defined procedures, quality control phases and human competences. What are the key factors?


All projects for a particular client are entrusted to the same project manager. This personalized relationship results in a more efficient partnership. The project manager is the person who holds the key to the successful completion of each project, and in a way is the conductor of the project. This individual’s ability to keenly analyze a situation, responsiveness and friendly manner add real value to the project management process. The project manager coordinates the internal and external team members involved in a project, manages the schedule, and is your direct contact for daily communication throughout the project. To an extent, the project manager is an extension of your own team or department. Beyond their background in translation or linguistic engineering, our project managers have a true understanding of the sectors of activity in which you operate. This allows them to offer you all of their professional experience and to advise you on the best way to manage your multilingual documentation according to your environment.


Telelingua has a worldwide network of professional translators that translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Telelingua focuses on strict selection criteria, continuous evaluation of translators and building loyal partnerships with its linguists over many years, increasing trust and efficiency. These translators are experts in their field. Traduttore traditore? (an Italian wordplay translator traitor). Translation certainly doesn’t involve rendering texts into another language in a literal fashion, word-for-word, nor, on the other hand, does it involve changing or transforming our clients’ written material. Quite simply, it is about respecting the intention, the nuances and the style of the source text, to such an extent that the reader has the impression that the document was originally drafted in his/her own language. The word 'translate' comes from the Latintrans + fero, together meaning to carry across: our mission is truly to help our clients carry themselves across borders by translating their texts from one language to another.


In order to objectively measure the quality of translations, our reviewers apply strict and uniform evaluation criteria. This information is centralized and enables the qualitative and quantitative monitoring of services offered by our teams in order to validate their levels of competency over time. Depending on the project and the scenario, we can undertake more or less thorough quality control activities using our own tools, or those available on the market.


We offer translations in a very high number of languages – notably European languages, Eastern European languages, Baltic languages, Asian languages, Scandinavian languages and the BiDi languages, in very diverse fields ranging from finance and telecommunications to industry and life sciences.


Each one of our clients is characterized by elements of document management that are quite specific to them. It is important to identify these and to create translation management procedures which perfectly respect these client characteristics, while optimizing timeframes, quality and costs. Our management procedures are recorded and updated in a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001:2008. This collection of procedures is a reference point for all of our employees and serves as a permanent training tool. The result is that every employee is in a position to do their job properly, meet specific client expectations and, where necessary, take corrective measures in the course of the project until delivery of the final product.


Our information management software (TILT) gives a clear and accurate impression of how projects are progressing at all times, holds an archive of previous projects offering the opportunity to gather information that may be useful for currently running projects, contains all of the necessary information on each client (terminology, characteristics, previous projects, etc.) and on each translator (quality, experience, availability, etc.) and enables checks to be performed on the budget and schedule for each project. This software helps our project managers make sensible decisions under extreme time pressure. Our collaborative web platform, T-Portal, also provides an overall impression, in real time, of all of the projects of any given client. This site is highly secure, available 24/7 and has user profiles that can be defined according to need. This portal enables all files to be centralized, including administrative documents, glossaries, schedules, and questions and answers linked to projects. It makes it possible to view the status and the workflow of these online and can ensure, for example, the optimal exchange of information during thevalidation of translations by various national subsidiaries of large companies. Shorter deadlines, simplified procedures, transparent and easily accessible information – these are just some of the benefits enjoyed by our clients and internal and external team members alike.


Documents are translated while their original format (XML, HTML, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office suite and many others) is respected. Our goal is to save our clients time, and a DTP check is part of the service we provide.


We manage several thousand projects every year. We are aware that translation is one step within a larger global process. It is our ever-present concern to offer our clients high-quality services while respecting their schedules and project deadlines in order to ensure our clients’ success.


All data that is entrusted to us by our clients are considered confidential and are dealt with as such. Our internal and external team members respect strict procedures with respect to confidentiality. Access to our premises and to our IT systems are protected by modern techniques. Data are archived daily.