The Internet has become one of the most important communication tools for multi-nationals. To effectively reach specific markets, it's important to adapt a website to conform to pertinent local characteristics. Visitors and potential customers prefer local content specifically translated for their market and adapted to its characteristics.

It's therefore not surprising that many of our customers rate the optimization processes for localization of web content as either - important - or - very important. Our customers look for the most efficient solution to translate new content and/or to adapt existing content. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects are usually included. At Telelingua, you receive individual and comprehensive advice about tools and workflows that are most efficient for your situation, as well as any related costs, increases in efficiency, savings, and return on your investment (ROI) in consideration of your existing structures, situation, workflow, and tools.

In most cases, it is best to exchange content in xml file format. This format facilitates the export from most website-relevant systems such as CMS, DMS, PIM, databases, etc. After Telelingua has translated the content, it can easily be imported and published – without any additional costs or extra time.

Thanks to this process, manual copying and insertion has become a thing of the past. This not only applies to the source language but to all target languages. When all is said and done, this saves a lot of time and there is no longer the risk for texts to be improperly copied (particularly when done by a person who doesn't understand the target languages).

In addition, Telelingua offers its customers and their local marketing managers the opportunity to validate the translated content PRIOR to these going "live" or prior to importing them into CMS. Validation in this manner saves time and adds a new degree of efficiency to the process. We tailor the steps throughout the process to fit your structure and available resources.

In summary, Telelingua offers the following services which are step-by-step customized to your situation and needs: translation and adaptation of web content, setup of translation processes, localization of images and flash content, internationalization, testing of localized websites, testing of the customer's own export/import processes and any related filter up to complete solutions for content strategy, content creation, global localization strategy and their efficient realization according to best practices.