Our other language services include proofreading, editing and correcting, services related to terminology and translation memories, copywriting, technical writing, and interpretation services.


Alongside the classic services of proofreading, editing or correcting, we offer services related to terminology and translation memories (i.e. databases in which all the translations of a given client are saved). In fact, each company has its own jargon, which must be identified and defined in the various languages in order to transmit a clear and accurate message. Therefore, at the start of a new collaboration, as well as throughout strategic projects, we offer you the option to create a glossary or terminology database. During the partnership, by means of question and answer sessions with your teams, we supply these tools with information and make them into the indispensible cornerstone for the terminological consistency of your documentation, in every language. These aids can also help you within your organization in the harmonization of employees’ written material.

Translation memories

Translation memories allow us to improve the linguistic homogeneity of your documents. Particularly useful in the case of updates, of lengthy documentation or large volumes to be translated in short timeframes, they are a valuable asset to the translator. Time gains, budget gains, increased stylistic and linguistic consistency – the advantages of such systems are quite evident. This is why we dedicate part of our time to creating these tools and keeping them up to date both in respect of our experience and your returns.


We cannot speak about linguistic services without mentioning copywriting. The image of your organization is driven by different means of communication: technical, commercial, legal documentation, etc. You may entrust some of these aids, such as brochures or websites, to communication agencies because the textual and editorial aspect is essential for you. In such a case, translation alone is never enough. Just as you might do, in order to find the most suitable style and tone, we entrust the translated texts to a second team whose objective is to ignore the source texts, devote itself exclusively to the target language texts instead, and to make sure that the message is communicated in as dynamic and striking a manner as can be found in the original documents.

Technical writing

Finally, while we offer you services related to translation (terminology, copywriting, etc.), we are equally conscious of the fact that the quality of source texts has a very strong impact on our profession; which is why we offer a technical writing service. Our teams of editors can work on-site, in your premises, or remotely after having understood your specifications and your instructions. Through regular meetings with your collaborators – developers, project managers and users – and thanks to effective tools (notably CMS tools), our editors will describe your products or services in a structured, readable and clear manner.