Our customer-centric workflow tools include an extranet (T-Portal®), an On-Line Validation Center (OVC), a forum (T-Query®), and a project management system (TILT®).

T-Portal® (Extranet)

Telelingua has created a portal (Extranet) in response to our clients’ demand for immediate, real-time access to their project status and all related information. T-Portal also automates many of the communication requirements associated with large projects (e.g. it serves as a central repository for all contact details of the team members working on a project).

Telelingua T-portal

All of your projects can be viewed on-line, including past and current status, deadlines, financial information, language combinations and much more. The client can submit jobs, upload files, and reference material for a project or a translator’s note. We can insert your company logo into the interface so as to personalize your dashboard.

In addition, T-Portal includes several linguistic tools such as BIGS® and an On-Line Validation Center.

On-Line Validation CenteR

Our On-line Validation Center is used by clients who would like their local subsidiary (or dealer) to validate a translation before it is printed or “goes live” on a website.

This on-line tool allows the local “validator” to review the translation alongside the source text in a very user-friendly environment. The reviewer can edit the translation, add comments and access the original layout of the source document for more context. Manual, error-prone and tedious cut-and-paste procedures are definitely a thing of the past! To facilitate the local validator’s work, we have added a feature to display new sentences only (omitting all content from a previous translation). When updating content for a catalogue or a brochure, this can represent a very significant time saving. Most importantly, all corrections or modifications made by the validator are automatically updated in the customers translation memory database, without addtional costs.

In the case of a website or on-line content, the client has the reassurance of knowing that local content has been validated, thereby drastically reducing the cost and time to go live.

T-Query (Forum)

This is an on-line tool which is currently being developed by Telelingua (beta testing phase) with a view to centralizing all questions asked by project members and easily disseminating answers.

 Client stakeholders can participate by responding to queries that can only be answered by the client (e.g. meaning of a source language sentence, a particular term, etc.).

Telelingua T-query

  • On-line centralization of questions and answers for all languages.
  • No more Excel sheets and emails; no more versioning problems.
  • Project data becomes a knowledge base for future projects on the same subject matter by re-importing the data.
  • Access is granted according to specific user rights (private/public, languages, user profile).

TILT2® (Project Management System)

Imagine a client with over 1,000 people authorized to place orders, with operations in 70 countries and asking us to handle over 100 languages: this clearly illustrates the need for a powerful Enterprise Project Management system.

With TILT2, our project managers can easily access all relevant information to quickly prepare a project and automatically embed this information in an estimate or a report. The system provides information on all the resources assigned to the project and generates the reports our customers need: costs incurred, work in progress, due dates and general administrative data.

TILT2, the advanced ERP platform developed by Telelingua, is connected to T-Portal, giving you 24/7 access to our extranet. For customers who work mainly in an automated environment, an API to connect to TILT2 can be provided. Throught this API, Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other relevant systems can be connected. This API can support the complete workflow from requests through quotes and finally delivery. It is a RESTful service that uses JSON and/or XML. Please contact our Technical Services Team for further information.