Many business sectors today rely on international marketing. Manufacturers, suppliers and advertising agencies consider translation to be an indispensable tool at the end of the production cycle, allowing them to cross language borders.


Sports & leisure

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We have translated millions of words into many languages for a wide variety of companies in the field of sports (equipment, accessories, clothing, events) and indoor/outdoor leisure activities.
Our clients include a large range of manufacturers of

  • ski equipment (alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding);
  • equipment for outdoor activities (running, mountaineering, hiking, swimming, triathlons, etc.);
  • (electric) bicycles, and (motor)cycling accessories;
  • fitness equipment, and
  • food supplements (nutritional food and drinks).

    Additionally, we worked alongside UEFA during the European Football Championships in 2000 and alongside FIFA during the 2014 World Cup (Brasil) and the 2018 World Cup (Russia). We were also involved in translation projects for the Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing and London.

    All our sports translators are trained athletes who are actively involved in sports (skiing, fitness, cycling, outdoor activities, etc.). They have a sportsperson's mentality, understand the sports industry exhaustively, and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing terminology, language equivalents and new products. At the same time, they are trained linguists, who are aware of the fact that a literal translation is often not enough, and that the sports and leisure sector usually requires an appealing and effective writing style that goes for gold!

    Types of documents translated include: catalogues; product data sheets; user manuals; installation, operating and repair manuals; websites; sporting apps; dealer platforms; global promotional and marketing material (press releases, newsletters, advertisements, posters, brochures, correspondence, etc.); packaging; promotional videos; legal documents (distributor agreements, patents, etc.); and financial documents.

Automobile industry

Nowadays automobiles have many technologies under their skin. Car manufacturers invest heavily in mobility engineering, integration, safety and luxury. The automobile industry is steadily growing. But it's a tough road to navigate; competition is fierce and the market is increasingly crowded. Therefore automobile companies and automobile component suppliers have to make sure that the quality delivered by their external partners is as reliable as that of their own products.
Telelingua is one of the partners that has an unparalleled understanding of the automobile industry. Only skilled and specialized translators will remain unfazed by the highly technical terminology of this sector and be able to transpose it correctly into their mother tongue. Telelingua's translators have a specific competence within the automotobile industry, ranging from documents which accompany the vehicle to workshop manuals and diagnostics manuals, including training manuals and marketing texts whose content is highly specialized.
Our revision and quality control process meets SAE standard J2450 “Translation Quality Metric”, created in 1997 by a task force of the Society of Automotive Engineers. J2450 principles help to increase quality by tracking errors in seven primary error categories which cover such areas as incorrect terms, syntax, omissions, word structure and agreement, spelling and punctuation, terminology, meaning, etc.

Construction and heavy machinery

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Construction, public works, bridge and road building, heavy machinery and building materials are all part of a global industry which increasingly calls for scrupulous and strict multilingual management. Large construction projects require the involvement of many professionals: architects, civil engineers, surveyors, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers, security and health managers, interior designers, as well as legal and financial associates who are often dotted around the globe.
Our translations are executed by industry-specific translators with a degree in either construction or architectural, civil or mechanical engineering; with a background or qualification in architecture and design services; with careers in a corporate environment (safety, regulatory and compliance departments, project management, etc.), or finally with a degree in law, marketing, accounting, finances, or business administration.
Our clients include architectural firms, construction companies and builders, design studios, structural and civil engineering firms, manufacturers of building materials and construction machinery, as well as development and investment companies, and property and real estate firms.
We translate include all kinds of technical, exploration and production documents for them, such as technical, maintenance, quality, user, employee, installation and operating manuals; building plans, involving architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings; performance plans; system engineering plans; plan processes; SOPs; operational risk identification and risk management documents; testing and maintenance documents; equipment & training documents including apprenticeship documents; site health & safety manuals including health and safety clearance forms; and logistics documents.

Printing industry

For 30 years we have been working with major players in the world of graphic arts, such as Canon and Kodak. We translate the following items for them and for many other key players in this market on a daily basis:

    • Messages s'affichant sur l'écran des imprimantes et copieurs, dans différents formats standard ou propriétaires
    • LCD screen messages for printers and copiers, in a range of standard or proprietary formats.
    • The interface for color management software or printing workflow software and related online support.
    • Press articles for any prepress activities.
    • InDesign brochures for InterGraphic or Drupa exhibitions.
    • PowerPoint presentations and training aids for presenting the latest offset range.
    • FrameMaker manuals for new CTP systems or print control software.

Consumer goods

A skin cream or a hair conditioner, a bath oil or a sun lotion, a travel bag or a fashion item; often in the field of consumer goods, the original documentation is well written, nuanced, very creative and linguistically innovative. The big challenge is therefore to translate in such a way that the message is conveyed to each target culture with the same linguistic subtlety. At the same time, these translations require experience with precise technical terminology, and have to comply with strict labeling regulations in every marketing destination.
Our translators in the fields of cosmetics, luxury goods and retail are therefore more than “just translators”; they are creative linguists and word wizards who will translate your texts with flair.
Product descriptions, packaging, labels, product composition lists, promotional and marketing documents, brochures and catalogues for products and services, websites, e-commerce portals, press releases, internal procedures and newsletters; these are just some of the materials that our clients operating in the general consumer goods and specialist trade sectors need. Daily. Multilingually. And fast.


Today’s workforce is vastly different than it was a mere 20 years ago, with the proliferation of technology, social media and the internet.  This surge in easy, quick access to available information has facilitated new, faster ways of learning and, of course, teaching.

E-Learning and Blended Learning meet these demands and localized courses ensure that the global workforce has access to the information. 

Corporations spend many millions on e-Learning and that increases every year.  E-Learning continues to change the learning and development landscape, with courses available 24/7, on all platforms (Desktop, Tablets, Mobiles, Etc.) with increasing amounts being localized into various languages so that individuals of all territories can readily understand the information.

At Telelingua we can help you with the localization process, from advice on internationalizing the initial content, to localized graphics and colours and finally engineering and reintegrating the localized content back into the course. 

We have experience working with a vast array of authoring tools and LMS systems, including Storyboard, Captivate, Articulate, Lectora, HTML5 and others.  We can also localize the graphics, conduct voice-overs and all audio and video post-production. Therefore, you can safely create an e-Learning course that will be instructive, entertaining and culturally-sensitive, and we will deliver a fully-functioning course that is accessible to all audiences.

Our staff and development teams will work with you at all stages of the process. Since we are one of the largest localization companies in the world, we have the technology, engineers and most importantly, the right linguists, to help you succeed. 

Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help you.