Before distributing their products across the globe, ICT companies must ensure that they meet the language and functionality requirements of local users in a given market, by translating the software strings, interface or messages, online support, documentation, mobile apps, API based texts and materials, website, and training materials, as well as legal, commercial and marketing communications.

However, think about a drop-down menu in a piece of software: it cannot just be given to a translator, asking him to “simply” copy and paste the translated words back into the software. Telelingua will help you to make the process more efficient. Our team of technical Project Managers and engineers will guide you through the complete process of localization.

Thanks to our experience, resources, qualified in-country translators and engineering capabilities we can ensure a high-quality localized product, completed within budget and on time. We are able to offer this service in a wide variety of languages: western European, eastern European, Asian and even bi-directional languages such as Hebrew or Arabic. Finally, we can manage various formats (see above), as well as extremely dynamic subjects, such as collaborative solutions, SaaS and cloud computing, to name just a few.

We help companies such as 3COM, Agfa Gevaert, Avaya, Canon, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, Philips, Sony and many others to localize their software for multiple local markets and to translate their manuals and documentation into more than 30 languages. Since 2000, Telelingua has also been an approved supplier for SAP.

The world of SAP

SAP translations are a matter for the specialists. To translate the famous business software, you need experts. Telelingua has two specialist teams in Paris and Brussels. They start new SAP projects on an almost daily basis, ranging from support packages, first versions of new programs or tools, smartphone or tablet applications, cloud solutions and on-line content to documentation, training material, marketing copy, etc. What's more, the translators specialise in some of the numerous fields for which SAP's business software was developed, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Intelligence (BI) and more specific: Financial Accounting (FI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Treasury (TR), Controlling (CO), Logistics (LO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Transportation Management (TM), Materials Management (MM), Quality Management (QM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Personnel Management (PA), Payroll (PY), Campus Management (CM), Travel Management (TV), Financial Services (FS), Real Estate Management (RE), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Production Planning and Control (PP) or one of the many areas that make up industry as a whole.

Translating for SAP involves other factors, including rigorous project management, strict quality control, an overview of terminology management and continuous professional development. These tasks form an integral part of the demanding working environment in which our close-knit teams operate. Telelingua has been building up its experience in SAP translations day after day since 2000. Our French team was even named SAP Translation Partner of the year in 2006.

Our processes and tools are regularly monitored through official audits performed by SAP. Telelingua is also a member of the exclusive network of SAP suppliers and maintains excellent relationships with other specialist agencies.

As partners, we set the bar high and we want to look actively, with SAP, at how we can improve our processes. That's why we attend workshops organised in-house and at the Language Services Forum. Our teams include trainers trained at SAP, who are up to date with the latest developments and tools and who, in turn, pass on the knowledge acquired within Telelingua.

What we offer

We help companies translate their SAP content, and can translate the user interface directly in their system. To this end, we use the integrated tools and official SAP terminology, setting up teams of trained, tested translators. This means that we guarantee not only the quality and consistency of the translations produced, but also quick turnaround, all in the original software environment. As a result, you save money and can choose how the project proceeds.

Scenario 1: You determine the content to be localised in advance. We translate the exported text and you reimport it into the system.


Scenario 2: You opt for an even simpler, more cost-effective solution that ensures optimum quality. Your system is accessible through SAP platforms (CSS/STFK). This standard configuration spares you the preparatory work and means that we can start work immediately.


Scenario 3: Telelingua takes charge of the whole project. We have all the technical know-how necessary to work directly and efficiently in your system's environment. Right from the start of the project, we discuss the technical aspects together and you retain full control over system performance.